Sphinx Comments

Add comments and annotation functionality to your Sphinx website.

Currently, these commenting engines are supported:

  • Hypothes.is provides a web overlay that allows you to annotate and comment collaboratively.

  • utteranc.es is a web commenting system that uses GitHub Issues to store and manage comments.

  • dokie.li is an open source commenting and annotation overlay built on web standards.

For examples of each service, as well as instructions for how to activate it, click on the links to the left.


Clone and install the github reposiory

pip install sphinx-comments

Next, activate the extension by adding it to your conf.py file:

extensions = [


To configure sphinx-comments (and to choose the engine you’d like to use), you should configure the comments_config dictionary in conf.py. Instructions for doing so can be found in the page for each of the supported engines below.